My Online Course “How to Launch a Watch Company”

As some of you may know, part of my entrepreneurial projects involve Watch Companies. More specifically, I’ve founded Miami Watch Company – watch manufacturing company, which designs, manufactures and distributes exclusive timepiece collections. Under the umbrella of the Miami Watch Company are 2 sub-brands: Stranger Watches and Amir Watches. So, based on this experience of launching and managing these watch companies, I thought it would be beneficial to share my experience with others who want to gain insight into this industry and create a course “How To Launch a Watch Company”.

I’ve been compiling material for over 6 months, then recording, editing and almost losing my mind while doing so. As a result, a 2 hour course with almost 51 lectures.

The course is available via following link on Udemy:

Just for my readers, I am offering this course for $25 ($299 Regular Price). All you need to do is enter coupon WatchesCourse to redeem.

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