Practical Project Management

Project Management has been the primary focus on my professional career. I have been fortunate enough to lead projects of various sizes for Fortune 500 companies. Having accumulated significant experience implementing different Project Management methodologies and spearheading corporate initiatives, I have decided to put these lessons and tools into a book.

We have read many project management books and discovered an abundance of reference on project management methodologies and an extreme lack of practical advice and recommendations on how to put these methodologies into practice at work. We are using this as an opportunity to share “real life” use cases and project-based scenarios which helped us gather valuable lessons learned and design a model which will bring ultimate value to any organization.

Here is the preliminary outline for our book:


What this book is and who is it for

Project Management Methodologies: general overview, advantages and disadvantages


Key characteristics, roles, agile teams, tools and techniques

How to implement

Agile Companies and how they do it


Key characteristics

How to implement it

Kanban Companies and how they do it

PMP Certification: overview

Importance of PMP

How to study and prepare (tools, techniques, books, references, websites)

Other Certifications, how to get them, who are they for

Organizational Readiness: overview

Process, templates

How it is done at major companies

Project Planning

Planning Techniques, estimation

Managing Teams


Templates, Documents

Important Links