Week 1 in Kazakhstan

So its been about a week since we have arrived in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Jetlag has been out of this world. I’ve been back and forth between KZ and US numerous times but this time was extra difficult. I think it is because of the stress (more on that later) but first, more about the flight and the journey itself.

We’ve checked-in 16 suitcases and boxes (each approx. 50lbs, some were up to 70). In our defense, some of that stuff was not even ours. Some of our friends in Kazakhstan decided that it would be funny to have us bring a $4K baby stroller which came in a shape of 6 boxes πŸ™‚ . With all that said, I had to rent a U-Haul truck to get all that stuff to the airport. You should have seen the faces of the baggage folks at the airport. Here is the proof:


The overall flight was over 20 hours and it turned out to be easier than we thought it would be, considering Dylan handled it like a soldier and he slept most of the flight (proof is below, I actually had to stand most of the flight :). The best investment through this entire trip was purchasing a separate seat for him and not taking him on a free “lap” option, we would’ve gone nuts!


Jetlag was out of this world, literally. It’s a 12 hour difference with US EST but with the flight duration and layover time it actually added up to almost 2 days worth of travel. The first 4 days we slept for almost 12-14 hours a day, it was crazy. Especially Dylan, but he adjusted very well and totally loves it here, especially the food. Here is a pic of one of the first meals we’ve had here (famous shishkabobs), Kazakh cuisine mainly consists of meat.


So, enough of talk, let me add few more photos. Here is the view from the window at the apartment we are staying for 2 months. It is Yenlik’s aunt’s condo and she was gracious enough to let us stay here for free, and it is right downtown (if you want to see more pix of the city, just google Almaty). Btw, its crazy hot here, in the upper 90s and its dry heat which makes it even worse.

6-30-2014 7-51-19 AM

6-30-2014 7-53-08 AM

That’s all for now. Week 2 post is coming soon, so stay tuned. Thanks for reading and I surely miss you all already.

P.s. on a sad note, I was informed by the lead manufacturer for Amir Watches that there is a 4 week delay in delivering the mold for the “seconds” hand, which means that we will not see the actual Samples until late August πŸ™

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